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Welcome to Metro's sponsorship request site for the province of Quebec. For requests from the Province of Ontario or for events taking place in Ontario, please send an email to

Before submitting your request, please read our Quebec sponsorship guidelines below:

Metro's participation in various sponsorships

Metro supports communities across Quebec through various local and regional sponsorships. These sponsorships give Metro a means to express itself and allow the brand to showcase its profession as a grocer, play a part in the everyday lives of consumers and reaffirm its Quebec heritage. More precisely, Metro helps local communities savour life's pleasures by taking part in their economic, social and sporting activities.

What type of events or organisations does Metro sponsor?

Metro wishes to partner with events that take place all over Quebec. More specifically, the events and organisations that it supports should suit the character of Metro and bring local families together. Metro's main objective is to reach families, its target clientele, which explains why it generally sponsors neighbourhood festivals and celebrations.

Sponsorship of local events and organisations

To obtain a sponsorship for any local event or organisation, please contact the Metro grocery store in your region. To find the Metro closest to you, please visit our « Find a store » section.

Regional sponsorships (sponsorships with a regional reach)

Metro, along with its merchants, is proud to invest in its local community. For three years now, Metro has been partnering with festivals and events organised in Quebec from May to September. Metro brings the people of Quebec together outdoors as part of the Grande Grande Tablée Metro.

In Quebec, all requests for regional sponsorships must be made via the specialised website Any required information must be provided via an online questionnaire. The site belongs to and is operated by the SPONSORIUM company. All the information is collected for Metro and remains confidential.

Please note that due to the high number of requests, follow-up will by carried out by email only.

This site is owned and operated by SPONSORIUM. All of the information collected on behalf of Metro is confidential. For technical support, please contact SPONSORIUM by email at, or by telephone at 514-393-8767 (toll free number: 1-877-776-6767).


  • For your convenience, you can print the form before completing it online.
  • All requests will be analysed and treated confidentially within four weeks.
  • All proposals must be submitted via this website: requests received by telephone, email or regular mail will unfortunately not be considered.


  • If your event is taking place in less than two weeks, your request will not be considered.

Thank you for your interest in Metro and have a nice day!

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